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How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile to Support Your Career Goals, Part 2

Last week we talked about designing your LinkedIn profile, now let's discuss how to use it!

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile can make it easier for others to find you and help you reach your professional goals. You’ll increase your job satisfaction, and you will spend less time research jobs on random website. Here are some tips:

Using your LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Gather recommendations and endorsements. Recruiters want to know what others say about you. Ask former employers and other contacts for recommendations. Use your endorsements to advertise skills that are in high demand. If you’re generous about helping others, they’ll be more likely to return the favor.

  2. Write and publish. Share your knowledge and insights on the LinkedIn publishing platform. Develop a content strategy and use a calendar that will remind you to publish regularly.

  3. Join groups. Look for groups in your subject area and participate actively. Post articles and answer questions. Avoid any temptation to over-promote yourself.

  4. Monitor your connections. Stay on the lookout for valuable connections to add to your network. Send them personal invitations that will make a positive impression.

  5. Encourage others. Think of LinkedIn as a community where you can exchange ideas and support. Comment on posts from other users and share them with your own connections.

  6. Be discreet. While you’re working to raise your visibility, keep in mind that there may be times when you want to keep your job-hunting activities off view from your current boss and HR department. Change your privacy settings so you can control what information you want to make public.

Making sure your LinkedIn profile is update and your a using it as a tool to network, research and achieve your career goals. If want an honest review of your Resume, Cover Letter and Linkedin profile book a session with me.

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